Looking to create positive life changes but don't know how?

  • Are you self-sabotaging your personal and professional development?
  • Do you sometimes feel like a phony? Like you don't belong where you are, and you only got there because of luck.
  • Do you have self-doubt?
  • Are you sensitive to criticism?
  • Do you fall short because you’re too much of a perfectionist?

If so, the reason why you’re experiencing these…

Has a lot to do internally.

A past trauma that was never resolved. A story or belief you’re holding onto that doesn’t serve you. Perhaps fears, phobias and habits which you can’t seem to shake off.

Meet Luke.

For 30 years Luke has adopted the compassion to help people succeed in their life path. Like most intuitive healers, the path is not always easy. The combination of life experience with the exploration of healing past traumatic experiences from many different modalities has lead Luke to find joy, happiness & inner peace as his daily experience.

Since becoming an NLP & Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Luke has been able to use these modalities to assist his clients in achieving positive results with healing past traumas, transcending addictions & creating an abundant more compelling future. 

Luke`s compassionate nature gives him the ability to hold space for a client no matter what process they are going through.

He has an amazing ability to intuitively understand his clients and their needs.

As a successful company co-founder & director of Mindset Mastery NLP Luke has had many years experience as a business owner in many industries including music tuition & performer, health & wellness, print and digital marketing including helping up and coming entrepreneurs with business start ups.

1:1 Success Mentoring

With Luke Mollica

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What’s the benefit of 1:1 coaching with Luke?

This is ideal for someone wanting more personalised development and support. I will specifically tailor to what’s important to you as an individual, which is not always easy in a group setting.

As our programs are usually over a longer time frame, you have a greater opportunity to put approaches into practice, and test and develop them so they work for you in your environment.

Especially during these times, we can take full advantage of Zoom or Skype video trainings - my clients find it’s exceptionally effective and fits well into their lives.

Serving the following regions: Sydney, Central Coast, Interstate, New Zealand, Canada, U.K & United States

As a result of over 3 decades of experience, Luke has the capacity to identify potential growth opportunities within the clients business model & recreate a new strategy.

Most new business owners are not aware of the basic fundamentals, marketing strategies and creating laser focus on their new exciting journey. As a success mentor and NLP Coach, I can create a strategy that will essentially kick all limiting beliefs to the curb, including past self sabotaging behaviours.

In my experience, your personal beliefs about money & abundance can be to the detriment of your success. In our success breakthroughs, our programs are designed to let go of past belief systems, heal past traumas from significant emotional events and create new more empowering beliefs for a success future.

There are opportunities everywhere however in the realm of personal, professional & business development you need a coach with real life experience, sharing real failure and success stories with the ability to create the success you deserve.

Luke's Qualifications & Experience :

  • Co-Founder & Partner of Mindset Mastery NLP
  • NLP Practitioner & Coach
  • Time Line Therapy® Practitioner
  • Hawaiian Lomi Practitioner Level 4
  • Reiki & Seichim Master 2005
  • Intuitive Healer since 1991
  • Principal of Ringo's Music School ( 1992 - 2014 )
  • Owner of Office Zoo & Health Zoo ( 2005 - 2018 )
  • Musician & Performer for 41 years
  • Founder of Lomi Heart Centre ( 6 Years )

Are you ready to say "yes" to yourself and the life that you want to create?

"I have just finished my timeline therapy with Luke to release what no longer serves me, I have honestly never felt more at peace and lighter than I do now and have never had such progress and breakthrough with any mainstream psychologist or counsellor over the years.

I have a new outlook on life, a positive mindset and a great awareness of self. I am so grateful to Luke and all that he has done for me and my family."

- Tianna

" If you are wondering whether MM NLP is the right business to entrust your healing journey to, look no further. Luke and Carol are the true embodiment of people passionately committed to your growth and healing. I can honestly say the person that walked in the door at the beginning of my breakthrough with Luke no longer exists, not only did he help me move forward and let go of my past completely the helped me shed the skin of my former self, so much so, that that person doesn’t even feature in my thoughts anymore. I feel truly free. I felt heard, seen, and safe. Luke literally helped me step out of my fears and begin my life again. I could not give a higher recommendation, I am beyond grateful to have been given the gift of mental freedom. I enjoyed the process so much I didn’t want my breakthrough to end! I am totally committed to continuing this growth journey thanks to MMNLP. Thank you Luke, from the bottom of my heart"

- Petrina

"There’s no such thing as coincidence, the work I have done with Luke in NLP has truly saved me. Timeline Therapy has freed me from the half life I was living. Luke’s intuition during this process was so accurate and comforting.

The key in this story is Luke believed in me right from the start, I now believe in myself again. There is nothing better in the world than seeing worth in your existence and your own happiness. Onwards and Upwards!"

- Carolyn

Will this work for me?

Personalised 1:1 NLP coaching will work for you if you:

  • Have a deep longing to make lasting, positive changes in your life
  • Feel stuck and want to fast-track your success easily
  • Are ready to take action to make your dreams a reality
  • Want to discover your true purpose and get complete clarity about what you want in life