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Clients We Have Coached & Mentored

Kristy Drower

Suffered severe domestic abuse for 20 years, had a complete psychological and emotional breakdown and was diagnosed with anxiety, CPTSD, cognitive brain damage and Stockholm syndrome.

Stopped having recurring flashbacks, negative feelings dissipated, stopped taking medication, no longer suffering from nightmares and her CPTSD was completely gone, and she is no longer trauma-bonded to her perpetrator.

Today, Kristy has a successful business as a Domestic Abuse Healing Practitioner.

Luke Conners

From a young troubled kid, Luke moved himself out of home, lived from location to location. Was arrested at 14 and was potentially heading down a dark path. One event lead to another and Luke, fortunately, found himself in the Australian Army at 17.

Luke has started, runs and continues to grow multiple successful companies. He is also a board member of a non-profit charity: TALK2MEBRO which targets Suicide Prevention and Mental Health. Speaking to thousands of people yearly on an intimate level, running programs and retreats, holding a safe space for people to heal and express themselves.

Kristie Wagstaff

Lost almost everything at age 40 due to a 23-year marriage breakdown, suffered crippling depression and anxiety.

Kristie is now an Empowerment and Wellness coach focusing on helping men and women manage challenging emotions to breakthrough any pain, anxiety and overwhelm so they can lead a happy purposeful life.

Steven Bowden

Steven is a diploma qualified Remedial therapist with over ten years’ experience as a massage and health professional.

As an NLP practitioner, Steven has added a new set of skills that enables him to work with the client on both a physical and mental level to bring about the change necessary enabling them to reach the goals or outcome they want.

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